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XRCrossBandBox Class

A box that can be drawn across several report bands.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraReports.UI

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraReports.v22.1.dll


public class XRCrossBandBox :


The XRCrossBandBox control allows you to draw rectangles across several bands (as opposed to the XRLine, XRShape and XRPanel controls, which can be used only within a single band). You can use the XRCrossBandBox control to highlight a report section that spans across multiple bands.

Drag the XRCrossBandBox item from the DX.22.1: Report Controls tab and drop the item onto the report area to add a cross-band box to a report.


We recommend that you place a cross-band line on paired bands, such as Report Header/Footer, Page Header/Footer, or Top/Bottom Margin.

Create a Cross-Band Box in Code

The following example creates a cross-band box in code.

using DevExpress.XtraReports.UI;

// Create a report with "Detail", "TopMargin", and "BottomMargin" bands.
XtraReport report = new XtraReport() {
    Bands = {
        new DetailBand(),
        new TopMarginBand(),
        new BottomMarginBand()

// Create a cross-band box.
XRCrossBandBox crossBandBox = new XRCrossBandBox() {
    // Specify start/end bands.
    StartBand = report.Bands[BandKind.TopMargin],
    EndBand = report.Bands[BandKind.BottomMargin],
    // Specify start/end points.
    StartPointF = new DevExpress.Utils.PointFloat(0F, 0F),
    EndPointF = new DevExpress.Utils.PointFloat(0F, 100F),
    // Customize a style.
    WidthF = 100F

// Add the box to the report's cross-band controls.


  • If you do not place a cross-band box on paired bands, the box can be displayed incorrectly in the report document.
  • A cross-band box cannot start/end on a vertical band.
  • If the thickness of a cross-band box is less than 0.5 pixels, the box is not included in export files that have the following formats:

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