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DevExpress.XtraReports Namespace

Contains classes that implement functionality specific to XtraReports.

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraReports.v22.1.dll


Name Description
BandKindAttribute For internal use.
DataRetrievalException An exception thrown on catching a AggregateException while filling the report data source.
DataSourceManager static Contains methods that allow you to manage report data sources at runtime.
DefaultBindablePropertyAttribute Enables you to make a custom property the default property to bind a XRControl descendant when dropping a Field List item on the control.
ReportInitializer For internal use.
ResFinder For internal use. Assists the XtraReports Suite localization.
ScriptExecutionException An exception thrown on raising an error while executing report scripts.
ScriptSecurityPermission A security permission applied during execution of report scripts.
ScriptSecurityPermissionCollection A collection of ScriptSecurityPermission objects.
SRCategoryAttribute Enables you to specify the Properties window category where a custom property should be placed.


Name Description
IScriptable If implemented, enables you to assign scripts to a report control.


Name Description
ScriptLanguage Specifies the scripting language in which all the scripts in this XtraReport object are written. All the scripts in a report object have to be in the same language.