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DevExpress.XtraReports.Web Namespace

Contains classes which are used to implement the Web functionality of XtraReports.

Assemblies: DevExpress.XtraReports.v23.1.Web.dll, DevExpress.XtraReports.v23.1.Web.WebForms.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.Web.Reporting.Common, DevExpress.Web.Reporting


Name Description
ASPxDocumentViewer Obsolete. A legacy control. Use the ASPxWebDocumentViewer control instead.
ASPxQueryBuilder The Query Builder control.
ASPxReportDesigner A control to create an End-User Report Designer in ASP.NET applications.
ASPxWebDocumentViewer A control that displays an interactive preview of a document generated from a report and allows the user to view, print and export the report document.
BookmarkFiller<T> The base class for all classes that provide the capability to obtain a hierarchy of bookmarks for a particular report.
CachedReportSourceWeb An object that acts as a mediator between a report and a Web Document Viewer.
CacheReportDocumentEventArgs Provides data for the ReportViewer.CacheReportDocument event.
CanProcessHandlerRequestEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxReportDesigner.CanProcessHandlerRequest event.
CustomizeParameterEditorsEventArgs Provides data for the ReportParametersPanel.CustomizeParameterEditors event.
DeserializeClientParameterEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxDocumentViewer.DeserializeClientParameters event.
ReportDesignerClientSideEvents Provides additional client-side events to an ASPxClientReportDesigner.
ReportDocumentMap As part of the ASPxDocumentViewer, provides a user interface for showing the document map on a web page, to enable client-side navigation through a report by end-users.
ReportDocumentMapStyles Contains settings that define the appearance of a Document Map‘s elements.
ReportParametersPanel Provides user interface for showing the parameters panel on a Web page, to request report parameters on the client-side.
ReportParametersPanelEditorCaptionSettings Provides the caption settings to the Parameters panel of an ASPxDocumentViewer.
ReportParametersPanelEditorStyles Provides the style settings to the editors of an ASPxDocumentViewer‘s Parameters panel.
ReportToolbar A toolbar to navigate, export and print a report on the web.
ReportToolbarBoxStyle The base class for classes that control the appearance of a ReportToolbar‘s combo boxes.
ReportToolbarButton Represents a button within the ReportToolbar control.
ReportToolbarButtonStyle Provides options that control the appearance of a ReportToolbar‘s buttons.
ReportToolbarClientSideEvents Provides additional client-side events to an ASPxClientReportToolbar.
ReportToolbarComboBoxStyle Provides options that control the appearance of a ReportToolbar‘s combo boxes.
ReportToolbarEditorCaptionSettings Provides the caption settings of the report toolbar.
ReportToolbarImages Contains settings that allow images to be defined for the ReportToolbar‘s specific elements.
ReportToolbarItem Represents an item within the ReportToolbar control.
ReportToolbarItemCollection Represents a collection of ReportToolbarItem objects.
ReportToolbarLabel Represents a text label within the ReportToolbar control.
ReportToolbarLabelStyle Provides options that control the appearance of a ReportToolbar‘s labels.
ReportToolbarMenuStyle Provides options that control the appearance of a Document Viewer toolbar.
ReportToolbarStyles Provides options that control the appearance of a ReportToolbar.
ReportViewer Obsolete. As part of the ASPxDocumentViewer control, renders and displays a report document on a Web page.
ReportViewerClientSideEvents Provides additional client-side events to the legacy ASPxClientReportViewer control. Refer to the WebDocumentViewerClientSideEvents class for client-side events related to the advanced ASPxWebDocumentViewer control, that is the main control at the moment.
RestoreReportDocumentFromCacheEventArgs Provides data for the ReportViewer.RestoreReportDocumentFromCache event.
SaveQueryEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxQueryBuilder.SaveQuery event.
SaveReportLayoutEventArgs Provides data for the ASPxReportDesigner.SaveReportLayout event.
SiteMapBookmarkFiller Provides the capability to fill the ASPxSiteMapDataSource object with the hierarchy of report bookmarks.
WebDocumentViewerClientSideEvents Provides additional client-side events to an ASPxWebDocumentViewer.


Name Description
CacheReportDocumentEventHandler A method that will handle the ReportViewer.CacheReportDocument event.
RestoreReportDocumentFromCacheEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the ReportViewer.RestoreReportDocumentFromCache event.
SaveReportLayoutEventHandler A method that will handle the ASPxReportDesigner.SaveReportLayout event.


Name Description
ImagesEmbeddingMode Lists the available modes for embedding images in ASP.NET controls.
ReportToolbarItemKind Specifies the type of a particular ReportToolbarItem.