XtraReport.SnapGridSize Property

Specifies the dimensions of the report designer snap grid.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraReports.UI

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraReports.v21.1.dll


public float SnapGridSize { get; set; }

Property Value

Type Description

A Single value, that specifies the snap grid size. Note that it should be greater than 0.


The SnapGridSize property is intended to change the grid’s cell size, and it is measured in units specified via the XtraReport.ReportUnit property.

ReportUnit = HundrethsOfAnInch

SnapGridSize = 12.5

ReportUnit = HundrethsOfAnInch

SnapGridSize = 15



The default value of this property is also tied to the specified report unit: when it is set to HundrethsOfAnInch, the default value is 12.5; and, when it is set to TenthsOfAMillimeter, the default value is 31.75.

To specify whether to snap report controls to the grid, use the XtraReport.SnappingMode property. To show or hide the grid, use the XtraReport.DrawGrid property.

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