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Band Events

The base for classes that provide functionality to report bands.
Name Description
AfterPrint Occurs after an XRControl object is displayed in the report. Inherited from XRControl.
BeforePrint Occurs before an XRControl object creates its image in a report being generated. Inherited from XRControl.
Disposed Occurs when the component is disposed by a call to the Dispose() method. Inherited from Component.
Draw Overrides the XRControl.Draw event.
EvaluateBinding Overrides the XRControl.EvaluateBinding event to hide it.
HeightChanged Occurs when the band height is changed.
HtmlItemCreated Overrides the XRControl.HtmlItemCreated event.
LocationChanged Overrides the XRControl.LocationChanged event.
ParentChanged Overrides the XRControl.ParentChanged event.
PreviewClick Hides the inappropriate XRControl.PreviewClick event of the parent XRControl class.
PreviewDoubleClick Hides the inappropriate XRControl.PreviewDoubleClick event of the parent XRControl class.
PreviewMouseDown Hides the inappropriate XRControl.PreviewMouseDown event of the parent XRControl class.
PreviewMouseMove Hides the inappropriate XRControl.PreviewMouseMove event of the parent XRControl class.
PreviewMouseUp Hides the inappropriate XRControl.PreviewMouseUp event of the parent XRControl class.
PrintOnPage Overrides the XRControl.PrintOnPage event to hide it.
SizeChanged Overrides the XRControl.SizeChanged event.
TextChanged Overrides the XRControl.TextChanged event.
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