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Interaction with Dock Panels

  • 2 minutes to read

When used together within the same form or user control, the DocumentManager and DockManager components gain additional features.

  • Any DockPanel can be docked into a TabbedView as a tab. The DocumentManager creates a Document object to wrap this panel.


    //method #1 (recommended)
    //allows you to choose the host DocumentGroup
    //and the panel position
    tabbedView1.Controller.Dock(dockPanel2, documentGroup1, 0);
    //method #2
    //method #3
    dockPanel2.DockedAsTabbedDocument = true;

    Note that after a DockPanel was docked as a tabbed Document, its DockTo methods no longer work until you undock this panel (set its DockPanel.DockedAsTabbedDocument property to false to do so).

    //makes a panel float
    dockPanel2.DockedAsTabbedDocument = false;
    //docks a panel to the specific DockManager edge
    //or to another panel owned by this DockManager
  • The Document Selector shows both Document and DockPanel objects.

  • Unified appearance for DockManager and DocumentManager docking guides. Handle the BaseView.ShowingDockGuides and DockManager.ShowingDockGuides events to manually control which of them should be visible.


  • When a user drags a Dock Panel to a screen edge, the Windows Panel Snapping activates.