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Navigation Bar Look And Feel Specifics

There are two scenarios for changing the NavBarControl’s look and feel:

  • The first one is appropriate if you want the control’s look and feel to always be consistent with the form’s or application’s look and feel. When changing the form’s or application’s look and feel, the NavBarControl should automatically change its paint scheme. To implement this task, you can customize the default look and feel scheme (for instance, via the DefaultLookAndFeel component) that is applied to all DevExpress WinForms controls.

    By default, the NavBarControl is painted using an Explorer Bar View rendered using the selected look and feel scheme. You can select a different type of View for the NavBarControl via the NavBarControl.PaintStyleKind property. It can be one of the following: Navigation Pane, Explorer Bar View or Side Bar View. After the required type of View has been selected, the NavBarControl will be automatically rendered using this View in the selected look and feel scheme. Please refer to the Look And Feel and Skinning topic, to learn about other scenarios for customizing the look and feel scheme.

  • Another way to customize the control’s paint scheme is to explicitly customize the control’s look-and-feel settings with the NavBarControl.LookAndFeel property.
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