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Tree and Chart Areas

The GanttControl consists of two areas:

  • Tree — displays a list of tasks that are organized in a tree structure. The GanttControl class is derived from the TreeList class. For links to supported features, see the Tree List Features topic.

  • Chart — displays the timescale and bars that illustrate task start and finish dates, progress, and dependencies.


A splitter separates the tree list and the chart. The GanttControl.SplitterPosition property specifies the splitter position. The SplitterPositionChanging and SplitterPositionChanged events fire before and after the property changes.


The GanttControl.OptionsSplitter property provides access to the settings related to the panels and the splitter.


  • PanelVisibility — Gets or sets whether the task list, chart or both are visible.
  • FixedPanel — Gets or sets whether the task list or chart width is fixed when the user resizes the control, or their widths change proportionally.