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You can use the GanttLocalizer class to localize captions and date-time formats in the Gantt control. Use the GanttStringId enumeration to identify a caption or a date-time format. See Localizing WinForms Controls via Localizer Objects for more information.

The code below shows how to localize the date-time format for days in the timescale ruler and captions for commands in a Ribbon control.

using DevExpress.XtraGantt.Localization;

GanttLocalizer.Active = new MyGanttLocalizer();

public class MyGanttLocalizer : GanttLocalizer {
    public override string GetLocalizedString(GanttStringId id) {
        switch (id) {
            case GanttStringId.BothPanelsVisibilityCaption: return "Task List and Chart"; break;
            case GanttStringId.DayFormat: return "dddd, d"; break;
            default: return base.GetLocalizedString(id);


You can also use satellite assemblies to localize WinForms controls. See Localizing WinForms Controls via Satellite Resource Assemblies for more information.