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This document describes what assemblies are required by applications, which use the functionality of the WinForms Chart Control. Some of the assemblies are essential, while others - which provide an additional functionality - can be optionally deployed depending on your requirements.

Note that if you use other DevExpress components in your application, using and deploying them should comply with the corresponding EULA documents. For more details on licensing information and the redistribution policy of DevExpress, refer to Redistribution and Deployment.

Required Libraries

These libraries are redistributable under the DevExpress EULA and intended for end-users that use your applications.




Provides the base functionality common to all DevExpress controls. This includes classes for data binding, printing, exporting, as well as many other auxiliary types and resources.


Contains cross-platform counterparts of the System.Drawing classes not supported in non-Windows environments.


Contains basic utility classes and common skins (such as “DevExpress Style”, “Visual Studio 2013”, “Office 2013” and “Seven Classic”).


Contains classes that implement the basic functionality for DevExpress printing libraries.


Contains a set of full-featured editors supported by the XtraEditors Suite.

Note: This assembly is also required when using the PdfViewer control.


Contains the Ribbon UI, toolbar, menu and docking components, provided by the DevExpress Ribbon, Menu and Docking Library.

Note: This assembly is also required when using the PdfViewer control.


All DevExpress Charting controls contain classes shared via the same charting engine. These classes, along with a codebase, are intended for internal use, but also provide the basic functionality for ASP.NET Charts, WinForms Charts, and WPF Charts.

This assembly is also required when deploying an application containing the WPF Spreadsheet control with a chart.


Contains basic classes that implement the main functionality for the XtraCharts suite.


Contains the ChartControl control that is intended for use in Windows applications.


Contains the ChartWizard, ChartDesigner and auxiliary classes.


Contains the PrintingSystem component, together with other additional controls that provide the printing and exporting functionality for other controls, including ChartControl and WebChartControl.

Additional Libraries

The following libraries provide additional functionality for applications that use the functionality of the Chart Control.

Assembly Description
DevExpress.Utils.v24.1.UI.dll Contains basic utility classes used in the user interface of DevExpress WinForms controls.. This library is required for the Chart Designer to operate.
DevExpress.XtraGrid.v24.1.dll This library is required for the Chart Designer to operate.
DevExpress.XtraLayout.v24.1.dll This library is required for the Chart Designer working.
DevExpress.XtraVerticalGrid.v24.1.dll This library is required for the Chart Designer working.
DevExpress.BonusSkins.v24.1.dll Contains extra skins (such as “Metropolis” and “McSkin”).

Non-Redistributable Libraries

Distributing any DevExpress design-time libraries ending with “.Design” (for instance, DevExpress.XtraCharts.v24.1.Design.dll, DevExpress.XtraEditors.v24.1.Design.dll and DevExpress.XtraPrinting.v24.1.Design) is strictly prohibited.

Please consult the EULA for additional up-to-the-minute information on which libraries, tools and executables are considered redistributable.