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Member Table: Formatting



A row’s RowProperties.Format property

This property allows you to specify the settings used to automatically format values in display mode. You can:

  • use the standard or custom format strings (the most used approach to format date/time and numeric values);
  • use the composite formatting feature that allows you to add custom text to the output string;
  • apply a custom formatter that will handle the format operations.

For more information on these scenarios, see the Formatting Values topic.

The VGridControlBase.CustomDrawRowValueCell event

This event lets you provide different formatting for different rows.

An in-place editor’s RepositoryItem.DisplayFormat property.

It’s possible to assign an in-place editor to a cell and then use the editor’s RepositoryItem.DisplayFormat property to specify the formatting settings that will be used in display mode. This approach is similar to using the GridColumn.DisplayFormat property. However, it’s possible to supply different editors for different rows and therefore this allows you to provide different formatting for different cells.

See the Formatting Values topic for information on adjusting the DisplayFormat property.