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Formatting Values

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Most DevExpress .NET WinForms controls let you format values before they are displayed onscreen. For instance, you can format a numeric value as a currency, display a date/time value in one of the standard forms depending upon the culture (6/17/2005; Friday, June 17, 2006), etc. DevExpress controls use a standard formatting mechanism to format values as described in Microsoft documentation. The current document shows how to invoke this formatting mechanism for DevExpress controls.



Specific controls also provide events that allow you to dynamically format displayed text.


For editors, it is possible to use masks to enable formatted input; the masks can also be used to format values even when no editing is active.

Task-Based Help

Cheat Sheets and Best Practices

DevExpress WinForms UI controls share the same value formatting and masking techniques. Read the following quick-reference guides for detailed information and examples: