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VCalendar 1.0 Support

This document provides an overview of VCalendar 1.0 format implementation in the XtraScheduler Suite.


We suggest that you consider using the iCalendar format instead, since iCalendar is the latest and most advanced format version based on the vCalendar file format.

The SchedulerDataStorage class provides the following methods designed to support VCalendar 1.0 format.

Method Description
SchedulerStorageBase.ImportFromVCalendar Imports data into the scheduler from a file or a data stream in vCalendar format.
SchedulerStorageBase.ExportToVCalendar Exports the data in the scheduler to a file or a stream in vCalendar format.

Our VCalendar implementation supports the basic properties of VCalendar objects, including recurrence. Reminders of any kind are not supported.

The following VCalendar properties contained in the VCalendar 1.0 specification are NOT supported in XtraScheduler Suite.