How to: Customize and Hide the Popup Menu

  • 2 minutes to read

Customize the Pop-up Menu

This example demonstrates how to handle the RichEditControl.PopupMenuShowing event to customize the RichEditControl's context menu. You can remove and disable the existing items, and add new ones using the RichEdit commands.


The CommandPopupMenu<T>.EnableMenuItem method does not enable the context menu item if you set the corresponding command's ICommandUIState.Enabled property to false.

The RichEditMenuType enumeration lists all available context menu types. The following sample modifies the RichEditMenuType.TableCell menu, invoked by right-clicking the table cell.

private void richEditControl_PopupMenuShowing(object sender, PopupMenuShowingEventArgs e)
    if ((e.MenuType & RichEditMenuType.TableCell) != 0)
        // Remove the "Paste" menu item:

        // Disable the "Hyperlink..." menu item:

        // Create a RichEdit command, which inserts an inline picture into a document:
        IRichEditCommandFactoryService service = (IRichEditCommandFactoryService)richEditControl.GetService(typeof(IRichEditCommandFactoryService));
        RichEditCommand cmd = service.CreateCommand(RichEditCommandId.InsertPicture);

        //Create a menu item for the new command:
        RichEditMenuItemCommandWinAdapter menuItemCommandAdapter = new RichEditMenuItemCommandWinAdapter(cmd);
        RichEditMenuItem menuItem = (RichEditMenuItem)menuItemCommandAdapter.CreateMenuItem(DevExpress.Utils.Menu.DXMenuItemPriority.Normal);
        menuItem.BeginGroup = true;

        // Insert a new item into the Richedit popup menu and handle its click event:
        RichEditMenuItem myItem = new RichEditMenuItem("Highlight Selection", new EventHandler(MyClickHandler));

Hide the Context Menu

Set the RichEditBehaviorOptions.ShowPopupMenu property to restrict showing the context menu, as shown below:

richEditControl.Options.Behavior.ShowPopupMenu = DocumentCapability.Disabled;