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How to: Save Selected Image to a File

To save an image from the document to a file, use the ReadOnlyDocumentImageCollection.Get method to obtain a collection of images within the specified range, and use the OfficeImage.NativeImage property, which allows access to a native System.Drawing.Image object. This object has the Save method that accomplishes the task.

View Example

DocumentRange myRange = document.CreateRange(0,100);
ReadOnlyDocumentImageCollection images = document.Images.Get(myRange);
if (images.Count > 0)
    DevExpress.Office.Utils.OfficeImage myImage = images[0].Image;
    System.Drawing.Image image = myImage.NativeImage;
    string imageName = String.Format("Image_at_pos_{0}.png", images[0].Range.Start.ToInt());
    System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("explorer.exe", "/select," + imageName);