IDocumentViewModel Methods

Provides settings to a document’s view model.
Name Description
CreateDocument() Starts generating a document’s pages.
Export(ExportOptionsViewModel) Exports the document using the specified export settings.
GetBookmarks() For internal use.
MarkBrick(BookmarkNodeItem) For internal use.
PerformSearch(TextSearchParameter) For internal use.
Print(PrintOptionsViewModel) Prints the document with the specified print settings.
PrintDirect(String) Sends the document to the specified printer.
ResetMarkedBricks() For internal use. Resets selection for bricks highlighted via the Document Map or Search panel.
Save(String) Saves the report document to the specified folder.
Scale(ScaleOptionsViewModel) Returns the options related to document scaling.
Send(SendOptionsViewModel) Returns the options related to emailing documents.
SetWatermark(Watermark) For internal use.
StopPageBuilding() Stops building the document pages.
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