ExportOptionsViewModelBase Properties

A base class for View Models that provide options for exporting documents.
Name Description
AvailableExportFormats Provides access to the collection of available export formats.
ExportFormat Specifies the format for exporting a document.
ExportOptions Gets the settings that specify how a document is exported to various formats.
FileName Specifies the full path to the file to which a document should be exported.
HiddenExportFormats Provides access to the collection of export formats that cannot be used to export the document.
IsInDesignMode static Gets whether design-time mode is active. Inherited from ViewModelBase.
SelectFileCommand Returns a command that calls the ExportOptionsViewModelBase.SelectFile method.
ShowOptionsBeforeExport Gets whether to show the Export Options dialog before exporting a document.
SubmitCommand For internal use.
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