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Range Control Visual Elements

The Range Control provides range visualization and selection functionality.

The following image shows the Range Control’s visual elements.


Element Description
Viewport The area in which the Range Control renders the data specified by the current range.
Ruler Displays values along the visible range.
Zoom&Scroll Bar Contains controls that allow you to scroll and zoom the visible range.
Selection Thumb Two selection thumbs mark the selected range. Drag these thumbs to change the selection.
Viewport Scroll Thumb Marks the visible range within the total range. It can be scrolled by dragging the Zoom&Scroll bar, and can be resized using the Zoom Grips to the left and right of this bar, to change the visible range.
Zoom Grip Zoom Grips are parts of the Viewport Scroll Thumb. They allow you to change the visible range by zooming in and out.
Selection Scroll Thumb Marks the selected range within the total range.
Range Item A unit interval. It is automatically adjusted based on the current zoom level.