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Geographical Projections

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Map projections define how the Earth’s surface is displayed on a 2D plane. To do this, a projection utilizes a sphere, an ellipsoid, a cylinder, or another 3D-shape as the Earth’s model. Then the projection uses formulas to map the shape’s surface onto the 2D plane. These conversions bring distortions in the Earth surface’s 2D representation. For example, the the Mercator projection distorts objects more if they are closer to the polar regions.


  • An image tile provider‘s Projection property specifies the projection the provider uses to prepare map tiles. The Map Control shows the “The image tiles projection is not compatible with the map projection.” message instead of tiles when the control coordinate system’s projection differs from the image data provider’s projection. The built-in image tile data providers use the Spherical Mercator projection.
  • The WMS image provider returns WMS layers that contain information about Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS) available for a layer. The Map Control adapts a map image that the provider’s active layer delivers if one of the layer’s CRSs is compatible with the control coordinate system’s projection; otherwise, the Map Control does not show the WMS layer’s content.

See the Map projection page for more information about map projections.

Built-in Map Projections

The following table contains the predefined projections that the Map Control for WinForms provides:

Projection Class Projection Preview
BraunStereographicProjection BraunProjection
EllipticalMercatorProjection EllipticalMercatorProjection
EqualAreaProjection EqualAreaProjection
EquidistantProjection EquidistantProjection
EquirectangularProjection EquirectangularProjection
Etrs89LambertAzimuthalEqualAreaProjection Etrs89LambertAzimuthalEqualAreaProjection
KavrayskiyProjection KavraiskyProjection
LambertCylindricalEqualAreaProjection LambertCylindricalEqualAreaProjection
MillerProjection MillerProjection
SinusoidalProjection SinusoidalProjection
SphericalMercatorProjection SphericalMercatorProjection

Projection Customization

There are two ways to modify a map projection:


The following examples demonstrate how to use predefined projections, create custom map projections and customize a projection’s width/height ratio:

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