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Filtering Data

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The ExpressPivotGrid allows its data to be filtered against single or multiple fields via the prefilter panel and filter dropdowns.

Prefilter Panel

You can control the visibility of the prefilter panel’s elements via the pivot grid’s OptionsPrefilter property.

Filter Dropdown

The filter dropdown contains the unique values which are stored in the underlying data source in the current field. These values can be obtained via the field’s Filter.Values property.

You can prevent end-users from applying or changing a filter at runtime. If the pivot grid’s OptionsCustomize.Filtering property is set to False, end-users cannot apply a filtering to any field. If this property is set to True, filtering can be disabled for individual fields via a field’s Options.Filtering option. When filtering on a field is disabled its filter button is hidden. These properties don’t affect filtering via code.

Use a field’s Options.FilteringPopupIncrementalFiltering property to enable the incremental filtering feature for the filter dropdown. With this feature, end-users can easily filter out values in the filter dropdown list and display only those that start with or include a given search string.

End-users cannot invoke the filter dropdown for fields hidden within the customization form.

To specify which of the records in the data source should be displayed and used to calculate summaries within the ExpressPivotGrid, use a field’s Filter.Values property. This property stores the filter values for a specific field. The filtering functionality depends upon the Filter.FilterType property. It specifies whether the filter values should be displayed in or removed from the ExpressPivotGrid control.

If the Filter.FilterType property is set to ftIncluded, the Filter.Values property stores the values which should be displayed within the control. In this case, the control will only process those records that contain filter values in the corresponding field. Otherwise, if the Filter.FilterType property is set to ftExcluded, the values which won’t be displayed within the control are stored. In this instance, the ExpressPivotGrid will only process those records that don’t contain filter values in the corresponding field.

Specific fields can contain NULL values. The pivot grid’s OptionsData.SummaryNullIgnore property determines whether the records that contain such values should be processed by the control. If this property is set to False summaries are not calculated for these records.

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