.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Framework 4.5.2+
.NET Standard 2.0+

IRichEditDocumentServer Events

Interface of a rich text engine providing the essential Rich Editor functionality.
Name Description
AfterExport Occurs after the document is successfully exported.
BeforeExport Occurs before the document is saved (exported to a certain format).
BeforeImport Occurs before a document is loaded (imported from an external source).
CalculateDocumentVariable Fires when the DOCVARIABLE field is updated.
ContentChanged Occurs when the document content was changed.
CustomPropertiesChanged Occurs after one of the DocumentCustomProperties has changed.
DocBytesChanged For internal use.
DocmBytesChanged For internal use.
DocumentClosing Occurs when a document that has not yet been saved is about to be closed.
DocumentEncryptionChanged Occurs after one of the DocumentEncryption properties has been changed.
DocumentLoaded Occurs after a document is loaded.
DocumentPropertiesChanged Occurs after one of the DocumentProperties has changed.
DotBytesChanged For internal use.
DotmBytesChanged For internal use.
DotxBytesChanged For internal use.
EmptyDocumentCreated Occurs when a new document is created.
EncryptedFileIntegrityCheckFailed Raises when the encrypted file did not pass the data integrity verification.
EncryptedFilePasswordCheckFailed Occurs when the encryption password is empty or invalid.
EncryptedFilePasswordRequested Raises when the RichEditDocumentImportOptions.EncryptionPassword property is not set or returns an invalid password.
FlatOpcBytesChanged For internal use.
FlatOpcMacroEnabledBytesChanged For internal use.
FlatOpcMacroEnabledTemplateBytesChanged For internal use.
FlatOpcTemplateBytesChanged For internal use.
HtmlTextChanged For internal use.
InitializeDocument Occurs before a document is loaded. Handle this event to set initial document settings.
MailMergeFinished Fires when mail merge is completed.
MailMergeRecordFinished Fires after each data record is merged with the document in the mail merge process.
MailMergeRecordStarted Fires before each data record is merged with the document in the mail merge process.
MailMergeStarted Fires before mail merge starts.
MhtTextChanged For internal use.
ModifiedChanged Occurs when the value of the IRichEditDocumentServer.Modified property is changed.
OpenDocumentBytesChanged For internal use.
OpenXmlBytesChanged For internal use.
RtfTextChanged For internal use.
SelectionChanged Fires in response to changing a selection in the document.
TrackedMovesConflict Occurs when moved text has been changed since it was moved.
UnitChanged Fires after the Unit property is changed.
UnitChanging Fires before the Unit property is changed.
WordMLTextChanged For internal use.
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