OpenHighLowCloseSeries Class

An Open-High-Low-Close series.


export class OpenHighLowCloseSeries extends HighLowCloseSeries


Open-High-Low-Close series are used to show variation in stock prices over the course of a day. The Low and High prices are the bottom and top values of the vertical line which is shown at each point, and the Open and Close prices are the left and right tick marks (the Stock series type) or the top and bottom borders of a rectangle (the Candle Stick series type).

If the stock closes lower than the close price for the previous time period, the point is painted in red. In the Candle Stick series, if the close price is lower than the opening price, the rectangle (body) is filled; otherwise, it is hollow.

An Open-High-Low-Close series requires four measures to be provided. These are measures containing the Open, High, Low and Close prices.

To plot a series within the ChartItem, add the OpenHighLowCloseSeries object to the ChartPane.series collection of a pane where you need to display this series. Use the ChartItem.panes property to access a desired pane.



Initializes a new instance of the OpenHighLowCloseSeries class.


constructor(dataItemProvider: DataDashboardItem, seriesJSON?: any, serializer?: DevExpress.Analytics.Utils.ModelSerializer)


Name Type Description
dataItemProvider DataDashboardItem
seriesJSON any
serializer ModelSerializer

An object used for dashboard deserialization. Do not pass this parameter directly.


open Property

Specifies a measure that contains Open prices.


open: ko.Observable<Measure>

Property Value

Type Description

A Measure object that contains Open prices.

seriesType Property

Specifies the series type.


seriesType: ko.Observable<OpenHighLowCloseSeriesType>

Property Value

Type Description

An OpenHighLowCloseSeriesType value that specifies the series type.