DataItemNumericFormatType Type

Lists values that specify format types for numeric values.


export type DataItemNumericFormatType = 'Auto' | 'General' | 'Number' | 'Currency' | 'Scientific' | 'Percent' | 'Custom'


Name Description

Format type is defined automatically, according to the data type and summary function (for measures).


The most compact of either fixed-point or scientific notation. Ignores the DataItemNumericFormat.precision value.


Integral and decimal digits, group separators, and a decimal separator with an optional negative sign.
1234.567 -> 1,234.57 (en-US)


Currency formatting.
123.456 -> $123.46 (en-US)


Exponential notation.
1052.0329112756 -> 1.052033E+003 (en-US)


Number multiplied by 100 and displayed with a percent symbol.
-0.39678 -> -39.7 % (en-US)



Values listed in this type alias are used to set the DevExpress.Dashboard.Model.DateFilterArrangementMode property.