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DevExpress.Dashboard.Data Module

Contains classes and members that allow you to work with dashboard data.


Name Description
ItemData Multidimensional data visualized in the dashboard item.
ItemDataAxis An axis that contains data points corresponding to the specified value hierarchy.
ItemDataAxisPoint A point on the data axis.
ItemDataAxisPointTuple Represents a tuple of axis points.
ItemDataDelta Contains the delta metadata.
ItemDataDeltaValue Provides delta element values.
ItemDataDimension Contains the dimension metadata.
ItemDataDimensionValue Provides dimension values at the specified axis point.
ItemDataMeasure Contains the measure metadata.
ItemDataMeasureValue Provides the measure value and display text.
ItemUnderlyingData Represents a list of records from the dashboard data source.
RangeFilterSelection A range in the Range Filter dashboard item.
RequestUnderlyingDataParameters Contains parameters used to obtain the underlying data for the dashboard item.

Type Aliases

Name Description
AxisValuesDictionary Lists values that specify the unique dimension values.
ItemDataAxisName Lists values that specify the name of the data axis.
PrimitiveType Lists values that specify primitive types.