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PivotGridOptionsBehaviorBase Properties

Serves as the base for classes that provide behavior options for the PivotGrid controls.
Name Description
BestFitMode Gets or sets which visual elements are taken into account when calculating the optimal width for columns.
ClipboardCopyCollapsedValuesMode Gets or sets how to copy collapsed field values to the Clipboard.
ClipboardCopyMultiSelectionMode Gets or sets how to copy cells to the Clipboard when multiple cells are selected.
CopyToClipboardWithFieldValues Gets or sets whether field values are copied to the Clipboard when CTRL+C is pressed or the PivotGridCells.CopySelectionToClipboard method is called.
LoadingPanelDelay Gets or sets the delay between starting an asynchronous operation and displaying the loading panel.
SortBySummaryDefaultOrder Gets or sets the sort order applied to a field when sorting by summaries is enabled for it.
UseAsyncMode Gets or sets whether data-aware operations caused by end-user actions are performed asynchronously.
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