IDataDirectoryPatchingService Interface

Allows you to change the path specified in the connection string as required to access the data source file.

Namespace: DevExpress.Data.Utils

Assembly: DevExpress.Data.v20.1.dll


public interface IDataDirectoryPatchingService
Public Interface IDataDirectoryPatchingService

Related API Members

The following members accept/return IDataDirectoryPatchingService objects:

Library Related API Members
Cross-Platform Class Library EditDataSourceContext.DataDirectoryPatchingService
WinForms Controls EditDataSourceContext.DataDirectoryPatchingService
Dashboard EditExtractOptionsContext.DataDirectoryPatchingService


Interface implementation allows you to create the IDataDirectoryPatchingService.PatchPath method to translate the specified path to an actual path.

The built-in PatchPath implementation used by the Data Source editors replaces the "|DataDirectory|" substitution string with the values defined by the DataDirectory or DXDataDirectory keys in the current application domain.

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