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IConnectionConfigProvider Interface

Provides the path to the file that stores connection strings.

Namespace: DevExpress.Data.Entity

Assembly: DevExpress.Data.v22.2.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Data


public interface IConnectionConfigProvider


Use the IConnectionConfigProvider interface to control from which configuration file to read connection strings for EFDataSource. Implement this interface together with IConnectionStringsProvider and use the AddService function to register it.


The code sample below shows how to use IConnectionConfigProvider to provide a custom configuration file with connection strings. The sample assumes that you have an Entity Framework data model named NorthwindEntities that describes data fields. The code creates a new EFDataSource and assigns it as a data source for XtraReport1.

using DevExpress.Data.Entity;
using DevExpress.DataAccess.EntityFramework;
// ...
    class EFConnectionConfig : IConnectionConfigProvider, IConnectionStringsProvider {
        public IConnectionStringInfo[] GetConfigFileConnections() {
            throw new NotImplementedException();

        public string GetConnectionConfigPath() {
            // Return the path to custom configuration file
            return Path.Combine(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory, "efConnectionStrings.config"); ;

        public IConnectionStringInfo[] GetConnections() {
            throw new NotImplementedException();

        public string GetConnectionString(string connectionStringName) {
            throw new NotImplementedException();

        public IConnectionStringInfo GetConnectionStringInfo(string connectionStringName) {
            throw new NotImplementedException();
    public class EFConnection {
        public void ConfigureDataSource() {

            // Create a report instance
            var xtraReport1 = new DevExpress.Examples.CoreLibraries.XtraReport();

            // Create an EFDataSource
            var dataSource = new EFDataSource();

            dataSource.ConnectionParameters = new EFConnectionParameters(typeof(NorthwindEntities));

            // Set the report's data source
            xtraReport1.DataSource = dataSource;

            xtraReport1.DataMember = "Products";

            var reportDesignTool = new ReportDesignTool(xtraReport1);

            // Register the interface as a service
            reportDesignTool.DesignForm.DesignMdiController.AddService(typeof(IConnectionStringsProvider), new EFConnectionConfig());


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