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TabCollectionBase Members

Represents the base class for collections of tabs (tabbed pages).


Name Description
TabCollectionBase() Initializes a new instance of the TabCollectionBase class.
TabCollectionBase(ASPxTabControlBase) Initializes a new instance of the TabCollectionBaseclass specifying its owner.


Name Description
Count Gets the number of items contained within the collection. Inherited from StateManagedCollectionBase.
IsEmpty Gets a value indicating whether the collection is empty. Inherited from StateManagedCollectionBase.
Owner Gets or sets the collection's owner. Inherited from Collection.


Name Description
Assign(IAssignableCollection) Copies the items from the specified IAssignableCollection-supported object to the current object. Inherited from Collection.
Clear() Clears the collection by removing all its items. Inherited from StateManagedCollectionBase.
CopyTo(Array, Int32) Copies the items from the collection to the specified array, starting at the specified index in the array object. Inherited from StateManagedCollectionBase.
Equals(Object) Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object. Inherited from Object.