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ASPxTimer Class

Represents a timer.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v19.2.dll


public class ASPxTimer :
Public Class ASPxTimer
    Inherits ASPxWebComponent
    Implements IRequiresLoadPostDataControl


The ASPxTimer generates recurring events at specified time intervals. The ASPxTimer.Interval property allows the time before the ASPxTimer.Tick event is raised relative to the last occurrence of the ASPxTimer.Tick event.


The ASPxTimer control provides you with a comprehensive client-side functionality implemented using JavaScript code.

The client-side API is always available for this control.

The ASPxTimer's client-side API includes two methods: the ASPxClientTimer.SetInterval and ASPxClientTimer.SetEnabled.

For an example on how to manipulate the ASPxTimer component on the client side, see Timer - Client-Side Functionality demo.

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