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ASPxDockPanel Class

A panel control that acts as a movable window.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.v19.2.dll


public class ASPxDockPanel :
Public Class ASPxDockPanel
    Inherits ASPxPopupControlBase
    Implements IControlDesigner

The following members accept/return ASPxDockPanel objects:


The ASPxDockPanel control is a window that can be dragged around the Web page and docked in zones.


An ASPxDockPanel object has a unique identifier specified via the ASPxDockPanel.PanelUID property. This property can be used to obtain a panel at runtime on the server (ASPxDockManager.FindPanelByUID) or client (ASPxClientDockManager.GetPanelByUID and ASPxClientDockZone.GetPanelByUID) side. If the panel is docked, the ASPxDockPanel.OwnerZone and ASPxDockPanel.OwnerZoneUID properties can be used to obtain the panel's owner.

A panel may consist of the following elements:


A popup element (i.e., ASPxPopupControl or ASPxDockPanel) cannot contain another popup element inside.


The ASPxDockPanel height and width (accessible by the ASPxWebControl.Height and ASPxWebControl.Width properties) cannot be set as a percentage. Set the dimensions in pixels to correctly display the control in all browsers.


When using the ASPxDockPanel with the ContentUrl property specified, the dock panel loads its content page within an iframe element. After docking/floating the ASPxDockPanel from the ASPxDockZone, the dock panel's iframe is removed from the DOM tree and reloaded. As a result, the script execution is stopped inside the iframe and the DOM API of the iframe window is no longer available. This behavior is a known issue of the IE 9 browser described in the APIs Are Not Available if iFrame Is Removed from DOM Tree MSDN article.