ASPxTreeList.BatchUpdate Event

Occurs after an end-user clicks the Update button in batch edit mode and allows you to provide a custom data updating mechanism.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.ASPxTreeList

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.ASPxTreeList.v19.2.dll


public event ASPxTreeListBatchUpdateEventHandler BatchUpdate
Public Event BatchUpdate As ASPxTreeListBatchUpdateEventHandler

Event Data

The BatchUpdate event handler receives an argument of the ASPxTreeListBatchUpdateEventArgs type. The following properties provide information specific to this event.

Property Description
DeleteValues Returns a list of deleted values.
Handled Specifies whether the ASPxGridBase.BatchUpdate event is handled.
InsertNodes Returns a list of inserted nodes.
InsertValues For internal use only.
UpdateValues Returns a list of updated values.


The batch edit mode allows modifying a batch of tree list data on the client side and sending it to the server in one request on clicking the Update button. You can use the BatchUpdate event to provide a custom data update mechanism.

Set the ASPxDataBatchUpdateEventArgs.Handled event argument property to true to indicate that the BatchUpdate event is handled, and therefore no default processing is required.

Refer to the Batch Edit Mode topic for more information.

The following example illustrates how to use the BatchUpdate event.

protected void treeList_BatchUpdate(object sender, ASPxTreeListBatchUpdateEventArgs e)
    foreach (var args in e.InsertNodes)
    foreach (var args in e.UpdateValues)
        UpdateItem(args.Keys, args.NewValues);
    foreach (var args in e.DeleteValues)
        DeleteItem(args.Keys, args.Values);

    e.Handled = true;
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