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ASPxTreeList.EditingOperationCompleted Event

Occurs after data editing has been completed.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.ASPxTreeList

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.ASPxTreeList.v23.1.dll

NuGet Package: DevExpress.Web


public event TreeListEditingOperationEventHandler EditingOperationCompleted

Event Data

The EditingOperationCompleted event's data class is TreeListEditingOperationEventArgs. The following properties provide information specific to this event:

Property Description
Operation Gets a value that identifies which data editing operation has been performed.


The EditingOperationCompleted event occurs after all changes have been saved to a data store. This event occurs in the cases listed below:

  • a new node has been inserted (insert operation);
  • a cell value(s) has been changed and posted to a data store (update operation);
  • an existing node has been deleted (delete operation).

To identify which operation has been performed, use the event parameter’s Operation property.

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