Main Features

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The DevExpress Data Editors Library is a collection of over 20 data editors for use in forms. The advantages of our Data Editors are as follows:

  • A wide range of controls.

    A wide variety of controls ensures that you can find the one that best meets your users' needs.

    Refer to the following topic for a list of available editors: Included Components.

  • Client-side adaptability.

    You can dynamically change content in data editors, to reduce the risk of error and make it easier for users to enter data. For example, you may need to filter values in list boxes or populate combo boxes with different values depending on other controls. Unlike standard controls, DevExpress Data Editors allow you to execute these operations on the client side.

  • Built-in validation mechanism.

    Although DevExpress controls support standard (third-party) validation controls, our controls also have built-in validation functionality. Also, our controls allow you to combine multiple data validation conditions in a single control. DevExpress controls also include two built-in error indication features (including error frames and error icons), which eliminates the need to align a third-party validation control. To see our validation mechanisms in action, refer to the following demos:

  • Inplace Validation
  • Validation Summary
  • Grid Validation

  • SharePoint Support.

    You can use DevExpress controls to enhance your SharePoint solutions. Refer to the following to see how to integrate our controls into a SharePoint project:

  • SharePoint Controls Demo Site
  • How to integrate a DevExpress web control into a SharePoint page
  • Replacing a SharePoint master page's default Quick Launch menu with the ASPxNavBar)