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Included Components

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The table below lists the Site Navigation and Layout controls and the proper client-side equivalent objects, if any.

Icon Server Control Client Object Overview Topic Description
logo_ASPxCloudControl.png ASPxCloudControl ASPxClientCloudControl ASPxCloudControl Overview A web server control that allows the appearance and functionality of a web site to be enhanced with the help of tag clouds (or weighted lists), which are used for data visualization.
FAB-Icon ASPxFloatingActionButton ASPxClientFloatingActionButton Floating Action Button Overview A web server control that represents a button that appears in front of a container (HTML element or a control) when an end user interacts with the container’s elements.
logo_ASPxFormLayout.png ASPxFormLayout ASPxClientFormLayout ASPxFormLayout Overview A form layout control that delivers a comprehensive form design feature set.
logo_ASPxMenu.png ASPxMenu ASPxClientMenu ASPxMenu Overview A navigation menu control.
logo_ASPxNavBar.png ASPxNavBar ASPxClientNavBar ASPxNavBar Overview A navigation bar control allowing you to display a number of items arranged into different expandable groups.
logo_ASPxPageControl.png ASPxPageControl ASPxClientPageControl ASPxTabControl Overview A navigation control made up of multiple tabbed pages that serve as containers for child controls.
logo_ASPxPopupMenu.png ASPxPopupMenu ASPxClientPopupMenu ASPxMenu Overview A popup menu control.
logo_ASPxRibbon.png ASPxRibbon ASPxClientRibbon ASPxRibbon Overview A ribbon control.
logo_ASPxSiteMapControl.png ASPxSiteMapControl None ASPxSiteMapControl Overview A web server control that displays information on the site map of a web application within a web page
logo_ASPxSiteMapDataSource.png ASPxSiteMapDataSource None ASPxSiteMapControl Overview A data source control that can be used to bind web server controls to hierarchical site map data.
ASPxSplitter-logo.png ASPxSplitter ASPxClientSplitter ASPxSplitter Overview A splitter control allowing you to organize the layout of web page content by dividing it into several content panes.
logo_ASPxTabControl.png ASPxTabControl ASPxClientTabControl ASPxTabControl Overview A navigation control used to build tabbed interfaces on web pages.
logo_ASPxTitleIndex.png ASPxTitleIndex ASPxClientTitleIndex ASPxTitleIndex Overview A web server control that displays data as a sorted and grouped list of data items (titles or links).
logo_ASPxTreeView.png ASPxTreeView ASPxClientTreeView ASPxTreeView Overview A web server control that displays a hierarchical collection of labeled items.