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The Memo control allows end users to input text in multiple lines.

On the server, the ASPxMemo class represents the Memo editor, and the ASPxClientMemo class - its client-side equivalent.



Automatic Scroll Bar Activation

The Memo automatically shows the vertical scroll bar if the content does not fit the editor's size.

Null Prompt Text

The Memo allows you to display prompt text if the editor is empty and not focused. The prompt text disappears when the editor is focused.

More details | See demo

Native Mode

DevExpress allows you to render the memo control as a native HTMl element (textarea). This reduces the amount of generated HTML code and improves the editor's performance. In native mode, the memo's appearance depends on how the client browser renders native HTML elements.

More details | See demo

Built-in Validation

The Memo allows you to validate its data on the client and server side and provide descriptive error messages.

More details | See demo

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