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The ASPxRadioButtonList editor is a radio button group that provides end-users with the ability to select a single item at a time.


Main Features

Data Binding

ASPxRadioButtonList supports both data-bound and unbound modes. This means that its contents can be generated dynamically by binding the editor to a data source, as well manually populating the control's ASPxListEdit.Items collection.


The item selected within ASPxRadioButtonList can be determined by iterating through list items and inspecting an item's ListEditItem.Selected property, or by using specific properties declared at the editor level (ASPxListEdit.SelectedItem, ASPxListEdit.SelectedIndex). You can easily manipulate a select item on the client side by using specific client methods (ASPxClientListEdit.GetSelectedItem/ASPxClientListEdit.SetSelectedItem, ASPxClientListEdit.GetSelectedIndex/ASPxClientListEdit.SetSelectedIndex).

Layout Customization

The ASPxRadioButtonList layout is flexibly customized. You can display check box items in several columns (ASPxCheckListBase.RepeatColumns), set a direction of items within the editor (horizontal or vertical through the ASPxCheckListBase.RepeatDirection property), and specify whether items are aligned within a table or rendered without any table structure (ASPxCheckListBase.RepeatLayout).

Custom Item Images

The ASPxRadioButtonList editor allows you to specify images for its items. You can specify one image for all items within the control using the ASPxCheckListBase.ItemImage property, or set a particular image for each item using the item's ListEditItem.ImageUrl property.

Online Demo

Radio Button List