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MyDetailsController Fields

A WindowController descendant that adds the My Details item to the Navigation System, and contains the MyDetails Action.

Name Description
CanGenerateMyDetailsNavigationItem static

Specifies whether to add the MyDetails item to the Navigation System. The default value is true, i.e. the MyDetails item is added.

ControllerActiveKey static

Specifies one of the keys from the ActionBase.Active collection of a Controller's Controller.Actions. By default, this field value is "Controller active". You can use this field when working with the ActionBase.Active collection.

(Inherited from Controller)

This field is for internal use only.


A string representing a key of the MyDetailsController.MyDetailsAction's ActionBase.Active collection. This key indicates that the Action shortcut is assigned.


This field is for internal use only.


Gets a string representing the identifier of the MyDetailsController.MyDetailsAction.


Gets a string representing the image name used as ActionBase.ImageName of the MyDetailsController.MyDetailsAction Action, and used as IModelBaseChoiceActionItem.ImageName of the MyDetails navigation item.


Gets a string representing the identifier of the My Details navigation item (see IModelBaseChoiceActionItem.Id).


Gets a string representing an object key used when generating the My Details navigation item.

WindowIsAssignedReason static

Specifies the Controller.Active list's reason that indicates whether a Window is assigned to the current WindowController.

(Inherited from WindowController)
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