XRControlStyle Properties

An individual style object that is also a base for all conditional formatting objects.
Name Description
BackColor Gets or sets the background color stored in this style.
BorderColor Gets or sets the border color stored in this style.
BorderDashStyle Gets or sets the border dash style stored in this style.
Borders Specifies a set of borders (top, right, bottom, left) that should be visible for the control.
BorderStyle Overrides the BrickStyle.BorderStyle property.
BorderWidth Specifies the border width, in floating point values.
BorderWidthSerializable Gets or sets the string value used to support serialization of the BrickStyle.BorderWidth property. Inherited from BrickStyle.
Container Gets the container of this control style object.
DefaultFont static Gets the default font for a brick style. Inherited from BrickStyle.
Font Gets or sets the font stored in this style.
ForeColor Gets or sets the foreground color stored in this style.
IsDisposed For internal use. Gets a value indicating whether the control has been disposed of.
IsJustified Specifies whether or not the brick's alignment is justified. Inherited from BrickStyle.
IsTransparent Gets a value indicating whether the brick style paints a transparent brick. Inherited from BrickStyle.
IsValid Gets a value indicating whether the brick style is valid. Inherited from BrickStyle.
Name Gets or sets the control style name.
Padding Gets or sets the padding stored in this style.
Sides Overrides the BrickStyle.Sides property.
Site Gets or sets the site associated with this control style.
StringFormat Overrides the BrickStyle.StringFormat property.
StyleUsing Gets the object that determines which of the current style's properties are used by the current XRControl object.
TextAlignment Gets or sets the text alignment stored in this style.
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