XRChart.BindToData(SeriesViewBase, Object, String, String, String, String[]) Method

Binds a chart to data.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraReports.UI

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraReports.v20.2.dll


public void BindToData(
    SeriesViewBase view,
    object dataSource,
    string dataMember,
    string seriesDataMember,
    string argumentDataMember,
    params string[] valueDataMembers
Public Sub BindToData(
    view As SeriesViewBase,
    dataSource As Object,
    dataMember As String,
    seriesDataMember As String,
    argumentDataMember As String,
    ParamArray valueDataMembers As String()


Name Type Description
view SeriesViewBase

A SeriesViewBase descendant, specifying the view type of the series to be generated.

dataSource Object

A Object that is the data source for a chart. This value is assigned to the XRChart.DataSource property.

dataMember String

A String value. This value is assigned to the XRChart.DataMember property.

seriesDataMember String

A String that is the name of the data field whose values are used to automatically generate and populate series. This value is assigned to the XRChart.SeriesDataMember property.

argumentDataMember String

A String that is the name of the data field that contains arguments for series points. This value is assigned to the SeriesBase.ArgumentDataMember property of a ChartControl.SeriesTemplate object.

valueDataMembers String[]

An array of String values that are the names of data fields that contain information on data values of series points. These values are assigned to the SeriesBase.ValueDataMembers property of a WebChartControl.SeriesTemplate object.

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