XRChart.BindToData(SeriesViewBase, Object, String, String, String, String[]) Method

Binds a chart to data.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraReports.UI

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraReports.v18.2.dll


public void BindToData(
    SeriesViewBase view,
    object dataSource,
    string dataMember,
    string seriesDataMember,
    string argumentDataMember,
    params string[] valueDataMembers
Public Sub BindToData(
    view As SeriesViewBase,
    dataSource As Object,
    dataMember As String,
    seriesDataMember As String,
    argumentDataMember As String,
    ParamArray valueDataMembers As String()


Type Name Description
SeriesViewBase view

A SeriesViewBase descendant, specifying the view type of the series to be generated.

Object dataSource

A Object that is the data source for a chart. This value is assigned to the XRChart.DataSource property.

String dataMember

A String value. This value is assigned to the XRChart.DataMember property.

String seriesDataMember

A String that is the name of the data field whose values are used to automatically generate and populate series. This value is assigned to the XRChart.SeriesDataMember property.

String argumentDataMember

A String that is the name of the data field that contains arguments for series points. This value is assigned to the SeriesBase.ArgumentDataMember property of a ChartControl.SeriesTemplate object.

String[] valueDataMembers

An array of String values that are the names of data fields that contain information on data values of series points. These values are assigned to the SeriesBase.ValueDataMembers property of a WebChartControl.SeriesTemplate object.

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