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XRCharacterComb.Borders Property

Specifies a set of borders (top, right, bottom, left) that should be visible for the Character Comb's cells.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraReports.UI

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraReports.v19.1.dll


public override BorderSide Borders { get; set; }
Public Overrides Property Borders As BorderSide

Property Value

Type Default Description


A BorderSide enumeration value or combination of values, specifying a set of visible borders.


When the cell spacing (XRCharacterComb.CellHorizontalSpacing and XRCharacterComb.CellVerticalSpacing) is set to zero, the borders of adjacent cells are merged (i.e., the actual border width is not doubled).

The following images illustrate how cell spacing affects the behavior of cell borders.

Cell Spacing = 0 Cell Spacing = 1
cellular-label-border cellular-label-border-cell-spacing

When the control's content is to be printed on multiple pages, a page break occurring at a horizontal border of a cell will move the entire row below this border to the next page and split its upper border in two parts (one half stays on the previous page, and the other half moves to the next). However, if the vertical cell spacing is not zero, the same border width is maintained on both pages. This behavior is illustrated in the following images.

Without Cell Spacing With Cell Spacing
cellular-label-page-break-no-padding cellular-label-page-break-padding
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