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Microsoft Access Database

Use the following SQL scripts to create the required tables in the MS Access database.

  • The script below creates the Appointments table for storing the appointment data.

    CREATE TABLE Appointments (
            ID COUNTER(1,1) PRIMARY KEY,
            Type INTEGER NOT NULL,
            StartDate DATETIME NOT NULL,
            EndDate DATETIME NOT NULL,
            AllDay YESNO,
            Subject LONGTEXT,
            Location LONGTEXT,
            Description LONGTEXT,
            Status INTEGER,
            Label INTEGER,
            ResourceIDs LONGTEXT,
            ReminderInfo LONGTEXT,
            RecurrenceInfo LONGTEXT,
            TimeZoneId LONGTEXT
  • The script below creates the Resources table for storing the resource data.

    CREATE TABLE Resources (
            ID COUNTER(1,1),
            ResourceID LONGTEXT NOT NULL,
            ResourceName LONGTEXT,
            Color INTEGER,
            Picture IMAGE,
            PRIMARY KEY (ID, ResourceID)


These tables are sufficient for basic scheduling tasks. To learn how to implement a special functionality, such as Gantt view or resources hierarchy, see the Hierarchical Resource Specifics and the Gantt View Specifics topics.