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Tree List Look and Feel

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The TreeList control’s look and feel depends on the skin applied to the application.

To specify the application skin, use the DevExpress Project Settings window:

  • in the Solution Explorer, right-click the project
  • in the context menu, invoke the DevExpress Project Settings command
  • use the Skin Name combo box to select a skin
  • use the Skin Palette combo box to select a color palette (for vector-image-based skins only)

Tree List Project Settings

See the following help topic for more information about application settings: Project Settings Page.

Visual Elements and Appearances

The control consists of multiple visual elements — columns, rows, cells, column headers, buttons, etc. The skin specifies each visual element’s appearance settings — background and foreground colors, font face, size and style, etc. For example, cells are filled with white, column headers — with gray. You can use the TreeList.Appearance property to access and customize appearance settings for each visual element.


treeList1.Appearance.HotTrackedRow.BackColor = Color.AliceBlue;

See the following help topic for more information about skins and appearance settings: Application Appearance and Skin Colors.

Skin Editor

You can also use Skin Editor to customize a specific visual element’s appearance.



To identify a visual element, hold Ctrl and click it.

See the following help topic for more information on how to create a custom skin and apply it to an application: WinForms Skin Editor.

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