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Drag-and-Drop Tree List Nodes

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Users can drag nodes within a TreeList or between a TreeList and other controls. This topic explains how to enable and customize drag-and-drop operations.


  • DevExpress drag-and-drop implementations do not use the standard .NET drag-and-drop engine. These approaches cannot be used together.

  • DevExpress implementations of drag-and-drop include built-in control capabilities, and a separate Drag-and-Drop Behavior. Neither or them updates underlying data sources - you need to do this manually.

  • Drag-and-drop activates when a user clicks a row. If there is a cell editor beneath the mouse pointer, it intercepts mouse events and cancels the drag-and-drop operation. To prevent this from happening, you can set the EditorShowMode to a value different from “Default” or “MouseDown”. Otherwise, use the Row Indicator to drag rows.

Drag Nodes Within the Tree List

To enable users to drag individual nodes within the TreeList, set the DragNodesMode property to Single. To drag multiple nodes, enable the MultiSelect option and set the DragNodesMode property to Multiple.

To access options that specify drag-and-drop operations, use the TreeList.OptionsDragAndDrop property.

treeList1.OptionsSelection.MultiSelect = true;
treeList1.OptionsDragAndDrop.DragNodesMode = DevExpress.XtraTreeList.DragNodesMode.Multiple;

Drop as Sibling or Child Nodes

A user can drop a node as a sibling or child. If the user holds Shift, the control inserts the node as a sibling. Use the DropNodesMode property to specify how the control inserts the node when the user does not press Shift. The following values are available:

  • Advanced - the control inserts the node as a child or sibling depending on the mouse pointer position.

    Tree List - Drag-and-Drop - Advanced Drop

  • Standard - the control drops the node as a child regardless of the mouse pointer position.

    Tree List - Drag-and-Drop - Standard Drop

treeList1.OptionsDragAndDrop.DropNodesMode = DevExpress.XtraTreeList.DropNodesMode.Advanced;

Move or Copy Nodes

If the CanCloneNodesOnDrop option is enabled, a user can hold Ctrl to copy the dragged node rather than move it.

Tree List - Drag-and-Drop - Standard Drop

treeList1.OptionsDragAndDrop.CanCloneNodesOnDrop = true;

Multiple Node Insert Order

If the MultiSelect option is enabled, users can select multiple nodes. The InsertNodesInSelectionOrder property specifies the order in which to drop multiple nodes. If this option is enabled, the control inserts nodes in the same order as they were selected.

Tree List - Drag-and-Drop - Insert as Selected

treeList1.OptionsSelection.MultiSelect = true;
treeList1.OptionsDragAndDrop.InsertNodesInSelectionOrder = true;

If this option is disabled, the control inserts nodes in the same order as they are arranged in the control.

Tree List - Drag-and-Drop - Insert as in Tree List

Expand Collapsed Nodes

The TreeList expands collapsed nodes when a user drags a node over them. Use the DragNodesExpandDelay property to specify the delay before a node is expanded. To keep collapsed nodes in their original state, set the ExpandNodeOnDrag property to false.

Tree List - Drag-and-Drop - Expand Nodes

treeList1.OptionsDragAndDrop.ExpandNodeOnDrag = true;
treeList1.OptionsDragAndDrop.DragNodesExpandDelay = 1000;

Drag Nodes Between the Tree List and Other Controls

You can use one of the following means to drag nodes between controls: