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How to: Add Bar Items to the Tab Header Area

  • 2 minutes to read

You can display custom buttons in-line with tab headers. The buttons can be aligned near to the tab headers (left aligned) or near to the ribbon edge (right aligned).


To display a custom button in the tab header area:

In the Ribbon Simple Pad demo, the ribbon displays the Share button aligned to the right. The example below shows how to add the Backward and Forward buttons.

using DevExpress.XtraBars;

BarButtonItem itemBackNav = RibbonControl1.Items.CreateButton("Backward");
itemBackNav.ImageIndex = 10;
itemBackNav.VisibleInSearchMenu = false;
itemBackNav.Alignment = BarItemLinkAlignment.Left;
itemBackNav.ItemClick += new ItemClickEventHandler(itemBackNav_ItemClick);
BarButtonItem itemFrwNav = RibbonControl1.Items.CreateButton("Forward");
itemFrwNav.ItemClick += new ItemClickEventHandler(itemFrwNav_ItemClick);
itemFrwNav.ImageIndex = 11;
itemFrwNav.VisibleInSearchMenu = false;
itemFrwNav.Alignment = BarItemLinkAlignment.Left;
RibbonControl1.PageHeaderItemLinks.AddRange(new BarItem[] { itemBackNav, itemFrwNav});

void itemFrwNav_ItemClick(object sender, ItemClickEventArgs e) {

void itemBackNav_ItemClick(object sender, ItemClickEventArgs e) {