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Button Groups

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Bar items can be arranged into groups. The WinForms Ribbon control supports item groups and button groups.

Bar Item Groups

Enable the bar item’s BeginGroup option to display a vertical line before a bar item.


barButtonItem1.Links[0].BeginGroup = true;

Button Groups

A button group (BarButtonGroup) displays multiple bar items in a line. Bar items can display only small images. Button groups are not broken or collapsed when the width of the Ribbon Control changes.

The following animation demonstrates how to create a button group at design time.

How to Create a Button Group - WinForms Ribbon Control

using DevExpress.XtraBars;

/* Assigns an SVG icon collection to the Ribbon control.
 * The collection contains three icons: left, center, right.
ribbonControl1.Images = svgImageCollection1;
// Creates and initializes three bar items.
BarButtonItem barItemLeft = new BarButtonItem(ribbonControl1.Manager, "Left", 0);
BarButtonItem barItemCenter = new BarButtonItem(ribbonControl1.Manager, "Center", 1);
BarButtonItem barItemRight = new BarButtonItem(ribbonControl1.Manager, "Right", 2);
// Creates a button group with bar items.
BarButtonGroup buttonGroup = new BarButtonGroup(ribbonControl1.Manager, new BarButtonItem[] {
    barItemLeft, barItemCenter, barItemRight
// Adds the button group to a page group.
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