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An Indicator is a visual element that shows the current fixed state of a State Indicator control. This state is specified by the StateIndicator.StateIndex property.

When the current state index is changed, a State Indicator automatically displays another image that corresponds to the current state.

The appearance of a State Indicator depends on the current image, enumerated by the StateIndicatorShapeType type. This type can be accessed via the StateIndicator.States collection.

The following images show different shape types of state indicators.

Traffic Lights Lamp
StateIndicator1 StateIndicator2
Arrow Currency USD
StateIndicator3 StateIndicator_Indicator4
Flag USA Smile
Indicator5 Indicator6

The table below lists the main properties that affect element behavior and appearance.

Characteristics Members
Data StateIndicator.StateIndex,StateIndicator.State,StateIndicator.States
Appearance BaseLeafPrimitive.Shader
Size StateIndicator.Center,StateIndicator.Size
Layout BaseLeafPrimitive.ZOrder