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IWorkspaceManager Members

When implemented, represents a WorkspaceManager instance.


Name Description
TargetControl Gets the target control.
TransitionEffect Gets or sets the shader effect for the animation played when switching between workspaces.
Workspaces Gets the collection of workspaces.


Name Description
ApplyWorkspace(String) Applies the workspace with the specified name to the target control.
CaptureWorkspace(String) Creates a new workspace by capturing the current layout of the target control and its child controls.
LoadWorkspace(String, Object) Loads a workspace from the specified file or stream, and adds it to the IWorkspaceManager.Workspaces collection under the specified name.
RemoveWorkspace(String) Removes the workspace with the specified name.
RenameWorkspace(String, String) Renames the specified workspace.
SaveWorkspace(String, Object) Saves the workspace with the specified name to a file or stream.


Name Description
AfterApplyWorkspace Occurs after a workspace has been applied to the target control.
BeforeApplyWorkspace Occurs before a workspace is applied to the target control.
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