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ThemedMessageBox Class

A message box that shows a message to end users.

Namespace: DevExpress.Xpf.Core

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.Core.v20.2.dll


public static class ThemedMessageBox


This modal window blocks other actions in the application until an end user closes it.

You should not create a new instance of the ThemedMessageBox class. Call one of the static Show methods to display a ThemedMessageBox. Parameters that you pass to this method determine the ThemedMessageBox‘s title, message, buttons, icon, etc.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to display a ThemedMessageBox window on the button click:

private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {
  ThemedMessageBox.Show(title: "Dialog Header", text:"This is your message", messageBoxButtons: MessageBoxButton.OKCancel, icon: MessageBoxImage.Exclamation);

The image below illustrates the result:



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