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DevExpress.Xpf.TreeMap Namespace

Contains all required classes for the functioning of the TreeMapControl.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.TreeMap.v20.2.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.WindowsDesktop.Wpf.TreeMap, DevExpress.Wpf.TreeMap


Name Description
BlueGreenPalette Represents the Blue Green palette.
BlueIIPalette Represents the Blue II palette.
BluePalette Represents the Blue palette.
BlueWarmPalette Represents the Blue Warm palette.
ChameleonPalette Represents the Chameleon palette.
ColorCollection Represents the collection of Color objects.
CustomPalette Represents a custom palette for the colorizers.
DXTreeMapPalette Represents the DX Tree Map palette.
GreenPalette Represents the Green palette.
GreenYellowPalette Represents the Green Yellow palette.
GroupDefinitionCollection A collection of TreeMapGroupDefinition items.
HierarchicalChartControlBase The base class for the Sunburst and TreeMap Controls.
HierarchicalTreeMapItemControl The helper control allowing you to apply themes to tree map items generated from a hierarchical data source.
InAFogPalette Represents the In a Fog palette.
MarqueePalette Represents the Marquee palette.
NatureColorsPalette Represents the Nature Colors palette.
NorthernLightsPalette Represents the Nothern Lights palette.
Office2013Palette Represents the Office 2013 palette.
Office2016Palette Represents the Office 2016 palette.
OfficePalette Represents the Office palette.
OrangePalette Represents the Orange palette.
OrangeRedPalette Represents the Orange Red palette.
PaletteBase The base class for the tree map palettes.
PastelKitPalette Represents the Pastel Kit palette.
PredefinedPalette The base class for all predefined palettes.
RedOrangePalette Represents the Red Orange palette.
RedPalette Represents the Red palette.
RedVioletPalette Represents the Red Violet palette.
SliceAndDiceLayoutAlgorithm A class representing the Slice and Dice layout algorithm.
SlipstreamPalette Represents the Slipstream palette.
SquarifiedLayoutAlgorithm A class representing the Squarified layout algorithm.
StripedLayoutAlgorithm A class representing the Strip layout algorithm.
SunburstControl Displays an interactive Sunburst chart.
SunburstDataAdapterBase The base class for adapters that load data to a Sunburst chart.
SunburstDataMapping An object that allows a Sunburst control to convert data source objects to Sunburst sectors.
SunburstFlatDataAdapter Loads data from data sources with the flat structure to a Sunburst chart.
SunburstGroupGradientColorizer The colorizer that applies a color gradient to a Sunburst chart’s sectors.
SunburstHierarchicalDataAdapter Loads data from sources with hierarchical structure.
SunburstHitInfo Contains information about a Sunburst chart element that is located at a specific point.
SunburstLabelPresentation Contains appearance and text settings for Sunburst chart labels.
SunburstPaletteColorizer The colorizer that uses a palette to paint Sunburst sectors.
SunburstPaletteColorizerBase A base class for colorizers that use palettes to paint a Sunburst.
SunburstRangeColorizer The colorizer that paints Sunburst sectors based on their associated values.
SunburstSectorPresentation Contains appearance settings for Sunburst chart sectors.
TerracottaPiePalette Represents the Terracota Pie palette.
TheTreesPalette Represents the The Trees palette.
ToolTipInfo Contains settings that define the appearance and behavior of built-in map tooltips.
ToolTipMousePosition Specifies a tooltip position near the mouse pointer.
ToolTipOptions Contains settings that define how to display tooltips within a Tree Map.
ToolTipPosition The base class for all classes that define how a tooltip should be positioned within a Tree Map.
ToolTipRelativePosition Specifies a tooltip position depending on the tree map item arrangement for which this tooltip is invoked.
TreeMapColorizerBase A base class for all tree map colorizers.
TreeMapControl A TreeMap Control to display flat and hierarchical data.
TreeMapDataAdapterBase A base class for all tree map data adapters.
TreeMapDependencyObject Enables Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) property system services for its derived model classes.
TreeMapFlatDataAdapter The data adapter that provides flat data to a tree map.
TreeMapGradientColorizer The colorizer that colors tree map items from the TreeMapGradientColorizer.StartColor to the TreeMapGradientColorizer.EndColor using a gradient.
TreeMapGroupDefinition The definition of a group provided from flat data using the TreeMapFlatDataAdapter.
TreeMapGroupGradientColorizer The colorizer that colors the tree map items in colors blended from group colors and gradient colors in a proportion based on the tree map item value.
TreeMapHierarchicalDataAdapter A data adapter that allows you to provide hierarchical data to the Tree Map.
TreeMapHitInfo Contains information about what is located at a specific point within the Tree Map.
TreeMapItem An item of a tree map.
TreeMapItemCollection Represents a collection of TreeMapItem objects.
TreeMapItemStorage Stores a collection of tree map items and provides them to a tree map control.
TreeMapLayoutAlgorithm The base class for all predefined layout algorithms.
TreeMapLayoutAlgorithmBase The base class for all classes representing layout algorithms.
TreeMapPaletteColorizer The colorizer that colors tree map items using a palette.
TreeMapPaletteColorizerBase The base class for all palette based colorizers.
TreeMapRangeColorizer A colorizer that allows you to provide colors based on which range the TreeMapItem.Value belongs to.
TreeMapSelectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the HierarchicalChartControlBase.SelectionChanged event.
TreeMapStyle The tree map appearance settings storage.
VioletIIPalette Represents the Violet II palette.
VioletPalette Represents the Violet palette.
YellowOrangePalette Represents the Yellow Orange palette.
YellowPalette Represents the Yellow palette.


Name Description
ITreeMapLayoutItem The interface that provides properties required for tree map item arrangement in the parent group.


Name Description
TreeMapItemGroupInfo This class stores information about a group of a tree map item.


Name Description
TreeMapSelectionChangedEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the HierarchicalChartControlBase.SelectionChanged event.


Name Description
GradientColorizerMode Lists values that specify how a color gradient is applied across sectors.
LayoutDirection Lists the possible tree map layout’s fill directions.
SelectionMode Lists the possible Tree Map selection modes.
SliceAndDiceLayoutMode Lists the modes of the SliceAndDiceLayoutAlgorithm.
SunburstHighlightMode Lists modes that define Sunburst chart behavior when a user highlights a chart sector.
SunburstLabelDisplayMode Lists values that specify how to display labels within sunburst items.
SunburstSweepDirection Lists values that specify the direction in which a Sunburst chart rotates.
ToolTipOpenMode Lists the values used to specify when chart tooltips should be opened.