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DevExpress.Xpf.LayoutControl Namespace

Contains classes that support building UI layouts. To use these classes in XAML code, add the xmlns:dxlc=”“ namespace reference.

Assembly: DevExpress.Xpf.LayoutControl.v20.2.dll

NuGet Packages: DevExpress.WindowsDesktop.Wpf.LayoutControl, DevExpress.Wpf.Layout


Name Description
DataLayoutControl A data-bound version of the LayoutControl.
DataLayoutControlAutoGeneratedGroupEventArgs Provides data for the DataLayoutControl.AutoGeneratedGroup event.
DataLayoutControlAutoGeneratingItemEventArgs Provides data for the DataLayoutControl.AutoGeneratingItem event.
DataLayoutItem A layout item within a DataLayoutControl.
DockLayoutControl Represents a control container that arranges its child items, docking them to its edges or making them occupy the remaining area of the container.
FlowLayoutControl Represents a container that arranges child controls into rows or columns, and alows the flow of the controls to be wrapped (automatically at the container’s edge or manually at any child control).
GroupBox Represents a control container with a GroupBox-style title, capable of displaying a single child.
LayoutControl Represents a control container that arranges its items in a single column or row, and allows you to create compound layouts of controls, with the ability to combine the controls into groups and align the controls according to their labels.
LayoutControlBase Represents the base class for the controls that constitute the DXLayoutControl Suite.
LayoutControlInitNewElementEventArgs Provides data for the LayoutControl.InitNewElement event.
LayoutControlReadElementFromXMLEventArgs Provides data for the LayoutControl.ReadElementFromXML event.
LayoutControlWriteElementToXMLEventArgs Provides data for the LayoutControl.WriteElementToXML event.
LayoutGroup Represents a container that arranges its items side by side (in a single row or column) or as tabs. The LayoutGroup cannot be used outside a LayoutControl or DataLayoutControl.
LayoutItem Represents a control that consists of a label and content regions. The LayoutItem cannot be used outside a LayoutControl.
ScrollBox Represents a container that supports absolute positioning of child controls and enables scrolling.
Tile A tile in a TileLayoutControl.
TileClickEventArgs Provides data for the TileLayoutControl.TileClick event.
TileLayoutControl The Tile Layout Control.


Name Description
DataLayoutControlAutoGeneratedItemsLocation Contains values that specify where generated layout items are added.
Dock Contains values that specify how an element is positioned within its parent.
GroupBoxDisplayMode Contains values that specify the display mode for the LayoutGroup and GroupBox headers.
GroupBoxShadowVisibility Enumerates display modes of a GroupBox‘s shadow.
GroupBoxState Enumerates states for a GroupBox control.
LayoutGroupView Contains values that specify how a LayoutGroup is visually represented.
LayoutItemLabelPosition Contains values that specify where labels of layout items are displayed relative to the items’ contents.
LayoutItemLabelsAlignment Contains values that specify how content regions of LayoutItems are aligned within a LayoutControl object.
MaximizedElementPosition Contains values that specify the position of the maximized element, relative to other items within a FlowLayoutControl.
TileSize Lists values that specify a tile’s size.